State of the Avatar

Discuss the Avatar Universe.  Discuss the great importance Bryke has placed on the LGBT -- all of a sudden.  Discuss how they used political agenda to call an audible and change their story.  Discuss these statements which were apparently needed to explain their sexually opaque ending.  Discuss how they are poor writers for even having to explain to their audience what exactly their grand ending was.

This page is devoted to all Avatar related discussion, past, present and future...  Including the possible future reorigination of past characters' sexual preference!

I recommend linking frames from the upcoming comics below for the comedy gold!

There will be no limitations here... Contribute in whichever way you deem fit to advance discussion... or don't (recommended). .

List of Book 3 episodes (BTW these special YouTube edits below are the best versions of them yet!)

1/2. Breath of fresh air/Rebirth

3. The Earth Queen

4. In harm's Way

5. Metal Clan

6. Old Wounds

7. Original Airbenders

8. Terror Within

9. The Stakeout

10. Long Live The Queen

11. The Ultimatum

12/13. Enter the Void / Venom of the Red Lotus


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